Airbattle RAG 1


Airbattle RAG is the journal of Air Combat in the Jet Age! This publication expands Birds of Prey with articles, scenarios and play components. Delve into dogfighting tactics. Fly a new jet and wield a new missile. Look ahead to the next generation mechanics. Take your seat in a new scenario.
Airbattle RAG 1 is for everyone who enjoys Birds of Prey!

BoPGUN “Fox Three” Convention Materials Includes all the scenarios, aircraft and missiles played in the 2013 Birds of Prey Convention! 

Birds of Prey Second Edition Preview Rules planned for the next edition of Birds of Prey are ready for play-test and first flown at the BoPGUN “Fox Three” event. Allows faster sighting! Streamlines gun combat! All ADCs enclosed are in preliminary second edition format.

Conversion notes are included for first edition ADCs.

Ultramoderns Preview
Fly a Cobra with new supermaneuverability rules. Fight with cutting-edge fighters and missiles. 

Cardboard Weapons School 
Use Bearing Rate of Change tactics to better anticipate your opponent and select your own maneuver with an innovative PHAD-based mechanism.

Tabletop Warriors
Enclosed quick-reference card speeds play with the new rules. Box-miniatures show off new markings, as well as new aircraft and missiles types!

Airbattle RAG 1 (ADA 31801) costs $24.95 and contains two sheets of die-cut box-miniatures and missile tents.

Airbattle RAG 1 electronic edition contains the booklet, ADCs and MDCs in PDF form.

Four Missiles

Airbattle RAG 1 is available now!

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