Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert


Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert is a folio product covering interceptors and their targets, with a foray into early aggressors. This folio is a collection of fourteen ADCs (plus three more in PDF form, when the product is registered) and eight missiles, plus a set of rules for large aircraft (defensive gunnery, critical hits for large aircraft, missile fuses versus large aircraft) and an exciting set of scenarios (seventeen, including four sets of generic scenarios). The registration gift PDF also includes the AIR-2 Genie nuclear tipped rocket!

Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert also contains several additional box-miniatures and missile tents supporting the original game-box and registration pack, including additional wing-positions (for swing-wing aircraft) and alternate markings! 

Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert is offered in two versions, standard for $34.95 and deluxe for $44.95.

The standard edition (ADA 31002) contains two each of two sheets of die-cut box-miniatures and missile tents and one sheet of uncut box-miniatures and missile tents, including the truly massive B-52D box miniature. (Five sheets total.)

The deluxe edition (ADA 31002-DX) contains four each of the two die-cut sheets and two each of the uncut sheet. (Ten sheets total.)

Both editions contain one each of two uncut sheets of square informational counters.

The electronic edition contains the booklet, ADCs and MDCs from Birds of Prey. Airborne Alert.

Eight Missiles

Registration gift pack (PDF)

Registration gift is a PDF download provided at no additional charge, following the online registration of Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert at

Box-Miniatures (die-cut 2x or 4x each)

Box-Miniatures (uncut 1x each)

Missile tents (die-cut 2x or 4x each)

Missile tents (uncut 1x each)