Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep


The best defense is a good offense!

Air combat epitomizes this adage. The fighter sweep is a basic offensive counter-air tactic and tool for gaining Air Superiority. Groups of fighters, sweeping ahead of a strike package better protect their charges by aggressively engaging enemy aircraft, rather than waiting for enemy interceptors to approach the closely escorted bombers.

Birds of Prey – Fighter Sweep expands the revolutionary game of jet dogfights, adding a host of new fighters and missiles to wield in close-in air combat. Exciting new scenarios pit these aircraft in deadly duels, where victory depends on a combination of skill, technology and daring! Fighter Sweep adds a new and innovative system for solitaire or group play against realistically–maneuvering autopilot opponents, allowing players to hone their air combat skills, providing an easy format for teaching new players, and allowing pilots to familiarize themselves with new mounts! Birds of Prey – Fighter Sweep includes five combat autopilots which fly authentic Soviet tactics, providing a range of challenges!

Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep is a collection of eighteen ADCs (plus five more in PDF form, when the product is registered) and twelve missiles and an exciting set of thirty-three scenarios. There is also the SOAR Simulated Opponent Automation Rules, a system for

Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep is offered in two versions, standard for $47.95 and deluxe for $57.95.

The standard edition (ADA 31003) contains two sheets each of two pages of die-cut box-miniatures, missile tents and counters.

The deluxe edition (ADA 31003-DX) contains four die-cut pages each of the two box-mini sheets.

The electronic edition contains the booklet, ADCs and MDCs from Birds of Prey. Airborne Alert.

SOAR opponents

Twelve Missiles

Registration gift pack (PDF)

Registration gift is a PDF download provided at no additional charge, following the online registration of Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep at

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Box-Miniatures (die-cut 2x or 4x each)

Box-Miniatures (uncut 1x each)

Missile tents (die-cut 2x or 4x each)

Missile tents (uncut 1x each)